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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Mui Ne - final full day

It is our final full day at the Mia resort in Mui Ne. It has been a wonderful 5 days so far. The resort is beautiful, the food is wonderful and the staff are sooooooo very attentive. If you don't finish a meal, they ask what is wrong....yesterday the men and boys went on a sand dunes excursion and they scrambled to get them breakfast, etc,etc. the only annoyance is the Mosquitos. Despite my efforts to usethenatursl bug spray, we are getting eaten alive. We have decided to call our son Ethan, and I figure this will be easier than calling him baby E all the time :). Our nights with Ethan have been soooooo rough. We almost cut our trip to Mui Ne and contemplated hiring a driver to take us backed to Ho Chi Minh city, and to a doctor. He is wonderful during the day, and happy most of the time, butat night it's a different story and we're atour wits end as to what to do. I have rotated him on children's Advil and Tylenol for almost two weeks, plus used homeopathics for teething and grief/loss, but nothing seems to help. He usually sleeps the first half of the night but then from 12 or 1am on, he is up, down, up, down. He is still congested, and I know this doesn't help. Instead of leaving today, we have decided to move out of the room we are in, and have booked two smaller rooms. This way, our older son can get a better night sleep, and one of us can too. If tonight is rough again, then the adult who is with him can switch in the middle of the night for some respite. We have greatness with respect to our Vietnamese passport and temporary Canadian one. It sounds like the are ready for pick up so, unless we hear otherwise, we are good to come home on Friday. We are soooo ready! None of us are looking forward to going back to the noise, hustle and bustle and food of Ho Chi Minh, but for us, it will only be for two nights. We have bought a few little souvenirs, but not much. We hope to go back to the mall called the tax center (Somerset has a wonderful city map that shows where all these places are), and to Binh Than market. Hopefully, we can pick up a few more things, but we want to avoid buying another suitcase as, already, we are coming home with a stroller. Advise re baby gear: don't bother bringing diapers or formula. I would suggest only some prunes and at least two containers of graduates, some Cheerios and some baby mum mums. I forgot the cheerios and only brought one box of graduates and mum mums. I want some for the plane ride home and we are running very low now. In all the supermarkets we have been to, they don't have any of these 4 items. We brought formula with the intention of transitioning here, but now I think we will leave that here and buy some that he is used to to bring home and will transition himation home. Well, baby calls again! Ta ta for now!


  1. Hi Caroline...I'm wondering if there is any red dye in the advil or tylenol that you are using? my daughter became agitated with that as a baby, just a thought...:)

  2. Hi Caroline....Matteo seemed to have done a similar thing in Vietnam...he would sleep from 6:30 to midnight or one and then wake up every hour and screaming....the only thing that calmed him was a bottle in his mouth..and was when he started to get cold formula from the fridge...he would not let me warm it (in the sense that he was beside himself with crying) and would guzzle it down and calm him....I concluded he was hungry and trying to add more food to his day but was only able to change this crying at night when we got home and could add different things....He was underweight when I got him and for us that seemed to be the issue as well as grieving I'm sure...but once he was eating more cereal, he seemed to still wake up, but not as often....Anyhow not sure if you'll blog again before heading home, but wanted to also say have a safe trip and so happy you've shared part of your journey with us!!